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Being knowledgeable of your 2nd Amendment rights and having a clear understanding of how to defend yourself, is essential to your survival. It will not only protect you, but also the lives of those you love. In the unfortunate event of an active shooter or home invasion you need to be prepared to make life saving decisions, quickly.  Precision Aim Tactical & Defense specializes in meeting this need by offering the NCDOJ training course required for the North Carolina Concealed Carry Handgun permit, various pistol courses, and self defense training. We also offer personal coaching sessions that will enable you to strengthen your skillset and become a more confident shooter. Our company was established to offer a professional and engaging experience that will teach you how to handle firearms safely and efficiently.  Each class is taught by a Certified USCCA & NRA Firearm Instructor; in a comfortable and safe atmosphere, that will inform, encourage and challenge you in new ways. Our belief is that "With consistent, quality training, comes precise and life-saving results!" Our team looks forward to serving you soon!

Bongie Randall


Precision Aim Tactical & Defense LLC

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